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LifeChange Counseling Center

Opportunites for counselors and graduate counseling students.


We are accepting applications for openings in 2021

Here are answers to questions most frequently asked about this internship site:



We have usually have openings for a new graduate counseling intern to start at several times during the year, both Practicum and Internship. Apply as early as possible since our openings can fill up early.


Currently we are doing all our therapy and supervision through Telehealth platforms. Individual sessions, family therapy and groups.


Onsite Supervision at UGM:

UGM provides weekly supervision, one hour individual (occasionally triadic) plus a group training/supervision opportunity each week with a Licensed mental health professional.


Faith Winters, LPC, ACS  faithwinters.com  LifeChange Counseling Center Supervisor
Reiko Cordeiro, LPC Intern


Counseling interns work with clients at both of UGM's residential recovery community sites:

LifeChange for Women and Their Children in Beaverton - 103rd and Walker Rd
LifeChange for Men in Portland - 3rd and Burnside

Residential Clients we serve:

Our clients are all a part of our residential recovery community. The residential recovery communities provide a place of safety, healing and transformation. We serve a diverse population; anyone in need is welcome to apply to become a resident. Beyond meeting the basic needs of housing, food and stabilization, LifeChange offers men, women and their children an opportunity to break cycles of abuse, trauma, addiction and poverty. UGM’s LifeChange community will engage residents thru a multi-faceted approach that helps residents heal from past traumas and begin to grow and build new, healthy lifestyles. The program is a grace filled environment that encourages residents to make healthy choices and examine the deep wounds that drive self-destructive behaviors and relationships. As mothers in the program begin to experience healing, their children are in a safe environment to begin to experience similar healing and to grow to make good choices in their lives.  As part of our family community, residents learn concepts of safe relationships, healthy communication skills, how to resolve conflicts, relationship repair, healing of trauma, kindness, respect, patience, responsibility and how to make close bonds with others.

a) Client presenting issues: Abuse recovery, domestic violence recovery, trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, addiction recovery, personal growth and healing.
b) Clients are adult men, adult women and their minor children, boys and girls, of all ages, families and some couples.
c) We provide individual counseling, couples counseling, family counseling and group counseling.
d) We also have opportunities for interns to run groups: Therapy groups, support groups, psycho-educational groups.

Our residents come for 3 months and may apply to stay an additional year. They come from homelessness, extreme poverty, domestic violence, sex trafficking, and addictions. We provide residents a multifaceted recovery experience: case management, work therapy, classes, chemical dependency counseling and through graduate counseling interns we provide individual counseling, family counseling, child/adolescent counseling, play therapy, filial therapy, psycho-educational groups, support groups and therapy groups


Treatment Modalities:

Graduate Counseling Student Interns have the opportunity to learn to provide a range of these treatment modalities to the clients we serve.  We understand that healing takes place in the dynamics of relationship. Therefore we encourage each counseling intern to grow and develop in the theoretical orientation that they feel drawn towards as they make connections with their clients. Our residents enter LifeChange for three months of basic services and then they can apply to stay another year or more as they move toward self-sufficiency. This gives interns the opportunity to experience both short-term therapy modalities and longer term healing processes.


Intern Hours:

Our interns have opportunity to get more than enough hours to fulfill school requirements. Internships are available for LPC and LMFT track interns.


Private Practice Training and Support

If you want, private practice skill building and support is available; Also, for those interns who are considering private practice they are welcome to invite their clients into their private practice when they leave UGM.


Faith Based Organization

While UGM serves anyone with a need, Union Gospel Mission is a donation funded, volunteer supported, Christian faith-based organization.  We do not bill insurance. We do not accept federal funds. UGM LifeChange is not a treatment program; it is a faith-based recovery community. Counseling interns need to be sensitive to that Christian faith basis (any flavor).


How to Apply

If we seem like a good fit for you, please feel free to contact us and we can send you an application.