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Workshop SpeakerFaith Winters, LPC is available as a speaker for your group.

Because of her specialized training, skills, education and life experience Faith has a unique perspective on Abundant Life Education topics. Faith has developed a series of workshops that she presents in churches, business groups and in the community.  


 Building Healthy Self-esteem- Recognizing and building on current strengths. Overcome negative feelings and develop greater joy in daily living.


Understanding Depression and Sadness- What causes depression? How does depression affect daily living?  What can be done to cope and heal?

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Grief and Loss- Dealing with the realities of loss and grief. Any type of loss: work, relational, illness, death, goals or expectations. Understanding the path to healing.


Forgiveness- The choice of a loving heart.  Understanding and applying the Biblical concepts of forgiveness. Exploring when to forgive and when not to forgive.


Silhouette of peopleStress and Time Management- Coping with today’s fast-paced lifestyles. Discover the keys to finding balance at home and in the workplace.


Healthy Boundaries- Discover how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries for good relationships. Learn how to choose when it is appropriate to say “Yes” or to say “No” with friends, coworkers, family, and relatives.


Recovery From Trauma/Abuse- Learn about the lingering effects of childhood trauma and abuse. Discover how children may be affected and how the effects of childhood trauma may linger in adults.  Discover what can be done to recover and live abundantly.


Child/Adult Relationship Training- Specific program designed to help you improve your relationship with your child. Discover the secrets of good child and adult relationships. Find new ways to enjoy time with your child.


Child Safety Skills- Safety skills training program designed to give parents and teachers of young children useful tools to help lower the risk of stranger danger and child sexual abuse.


Building Family Strengths- Explore how you can have a strong, loving, happy, family. Learn about the beneficial traits common in strong families and how you can develop those positive strengths in your own family.


Intentional Parenting- Provides effective parenting tools to help you raise your child in line with your values. Learn about effective goal setting, prevention, appropriate discipline and child training. Explore ways to have more peace and joy in your home.


Effective Communication- For the workplace, for individuals, groups, couples and families. Learn how to communicate clearly and effectively to build better relationships at work and home.


When is Counseling Helpful? This workshop is designed to be a helpful resource to understand when professional counseling may be helpful.  Not everyone needs counseling. Not every life problem needs counseling. There are many resources available to help people through the difficult passages of life.  This workshop explores the wide range of resources available in our community, and examines when professional counseling may an appropriate choice.

Other workshop topics are under development. You may also suggest a topic specialized for your group.



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