What Happens in Professional Counseling? by Faith Winters, LPC, ACS

Generally, in counseling we meet together once a week for about 50 minutes of talk therapy. During that time the complete focus is on you, what is going on in your life and what will make your life better. In talking together I will help you to build insight, to gain understanding and to learn to respond in stronger, healthier ways. I often will suggest things you can think about or do between our sessions for your continued growth.

We make the dTwo women in counseling processecision about length of counseling treatment together. Often I will have a rough idea after a session or two of how long therapy might be beneficial. Some clients remain in therapy for just a brief time, six to eight sessions. Other clients who have had long-standing problems may choose to stay in therapy for many months. Initially, I see clients once a week unless they are in crisis. As soon as they are feeling better and seem ready to start tapering therapy, sessions are spaced out further. This more gradual tapering of sessions allows you to practice the skills you've learned while still in therapy.


Within three to four weeks of therapy, most clients notice a decrease in their symptoms if they have been faithfully attending sessions and doing the suggested assignments between sessions on a daily basis.


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