Mental Health Links

These links are provided so you can have additional information about mental health care resources.  



ADD, ADHD, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity        Looking at Many Doors

    Attention Deficit Disorder Association
    Born to Explore
    National Institute of Mental Health

Anxiety, Fear, Panic         

    APA on Anxiety, Panic
    National Center for PTSD
    Obsessive Compulsive Information Center

Child Abuse and Domestic Violence        

    Mental Health Links - Women, Violence and Trauma, SAMHSA
    National Domestic Violence Hotline


    APA Online, Depression
    Basics of Depression
    Bipolar Disorder

Developmental Disorders        

    National Institute of Health, Asperger Syndrome
    Mayo Clinic, Asperger's Disorder



Dissociation, Trauma        

    Sidran Institute, Traumatic Stress Education and Advocacy

Journals and Magazines on Mental Health Concerns        

    A.D.D. WareHouse
    Aging and Mental Health
    Anxiety,  Stress and Coping
    Developmental Disabilities
    Early Child Development
    Eating Disorders
    Education Assessment
    Grief, Loss and Care - Social Work Journal
    Happiness in Everyday Life
    Journal of Gambling Studies
    Journal of Global Child Research
    Journal of Psychology and Christianity
    Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
    Language and Cognitive Processes
    Personal Relationships
    Personality and Individual Differences
    Psychiatric Bulletin
    Psychology of Men and Masculinity
    Substance Abuse Treatment Journal
    Trauma, Violence and Abuse
    Understanding Sleep and Dreaming

Medication Information        

    Food-Drug Interaction Center
    FDA - Drugs
    National Institutes of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements
    National Library Institute, Medline Plus
    PDR Health References

Mental Health Related Associations and Institutes        

    American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
    American Art Therapy Association
    American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
    American Association for Psychological Science
    American Association of Christian Counselors
    American Counseling Association
    American Dance Therapy Association
    American Herbal Products Association
    American Mental  Health Counselors Association
    American Music Therapy Association
    American Psychiatric Association
    American Psychological Association
    American Society of Anger Management Providers
    Canadian Mental Health Association
    Center for Mental Health Services, SAMHSA
    CHARG Resource Center
    Christian Recovery International
    Mental Health America
    National Institute of Mental Health
    Pathways to Promise Ministry and Mental Illness
    Screening for Mental Health
    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Mental Health Resources         

    American Psychiatric Association
    CAPHIS top 100 Health websites you can trust
    Focus Adolescent Services
    Mental Help Net
    National Mental Health Information Center
    Real Age
    Types of Mental Health Professionals

Substance Abuse, Addiction, Treatment and Recovery        

    Alcoholics Anonymous
    Compulsive Surfing
    National Mental Health Information Center, SAMHSA
    Online Affairs
    Online Gambling
    The Center for Internet Addiction
    Treatment and Recovery, SAMHSA
    Web of Addictions

Suicide Hotlines, Information, Awareness        

    Suicide… Read This First
    Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

Temperament and Personality Assessments

    Career Zone
    Color Code
    Enneagram Institute
    Keirsey Temperament Sorter
    Meyers Briggs Personality Type
    Prepare-Enrich Premarital and Marriage Enrichment
    Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis



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