Feelings, by Faith Winters, LPC, ACS

Learning to express how you feel is an important part of a healthy life. It can help you to have better relationships and get along better at work. Being able to recognize and state how you feel in words may  lower your own sense of anger or being frustrated or overwhelmed.

Feeling Faces
























Lists of Feeling Words - Just how do you feel?

Happy Sad Angry Peaceful Confused Scared Strong Weak Victimized Lonely Abusive Heroic
aglow apathetic aggravated admirable abashed afraid able deathly beaten abandoned aggressive adventurous
alive bad annoyed appreciated addled aghast active defective betrayed aching arrogant benevolent
amused blue blustery aware anxious alarmed adequate defenseless captive alienated bossy bold
blissful crushed burned up confident baffled anxious assertive disabled condemned alone callous brave
bubbly dejected cross content befuddled appalled assured dull crushed aloof careless calm
calm depressed disgruntled cooperative bewildered apprehensive bold exhausted damned ambivalent changeable capable
cheerful despairing disgusted courageous bothered betrayed brave exposed defiled apart cold caring
content despondent dismayed creative chaotic cautious capable feeble degraded awkward conceited competent
delighted disappointed displeased discerning confounded chicken confident fragile demeaned bashful contemptuous confident
eager disenchanted distraught energetic crazy confused consistent frail deprived childish controlling considerate
ecstatic distressed enraged excellent dazed daunted courageous gentle destroyed dependent cowardly courageous
elated disturbed exasperated excited deranged displeasure determined helpless diminished deserted cruel daring
enjoyable downcast fed up faithful disordered distrustful durable ill dominated desperate deceitful dependable
enthralled downhearted fierce gentle disorganized dreadful enduring impotent doomed despised demanding determined
excited downtrodden fiery grateful disoriented dubious energetic inadequate exposed different destructive empathetic
exuberant drab frantic hopeful distracted fearful everlasting incapable forced divided evil faithful
felicitous dreary frenzied intimate distraught frightened fierce inconsistent gullible embarrassed grasping free
fine dull frustrated joyful disturbed harassed firm ineffective hassled estranged greedy friendly
fortunate emotional furious kind doubtful horrified forceful inferior helpless failure inferior generous
full of life forlorn hateful lovely flabbergasted hysterical formidable lacking horrified fearful insensitive genuine
giddy gloomy hostile loving flustered insecure glorious lethargic hurt flustered insincere hopeful
glad glum incensed noble foggy intimidated hardy lifeless intimidated foolish jealous kind
gleeful grave indignant nurturing forgetful jumpy healthy meager manipulated friendless judgmental nurturing
good grieved inflamed optimistic frustrated leery impregnable pale molested hesitant lazy patient
great heavy-heart infuriated patient jumbled nervous independent passive overwhelmed ignored lecherous reliable
joyous hopeless irate pensive lost panic indestructible powerless paralyzed inhibited lustful resolute
jubilant hurt irked persevering amazed panicky intense puny persecuted insignificant malicious respectful
lighthearted low irritated playful mistaken petrified invincible run-down powerless misunderstood obnoxious responsive
lucky melancholy livid praiseworthy misunderstood rattled mighty shaky raped needy obsessed reverent
marvelous miserable mad pure mixed up shaky muscular sickly resigned rejected petty righteous
memorable moody miffed relaxed muddled shy perpetrating spineless ruined reluctant phony self-reliant
merry mournful outraged respected out-of-it spooked positive stale screwed removed possessive sincere
overjoyed negative  perturbed  responsive panicky startled quick submissive seduced self-conscious quarrelsome supportive
peaceful painful  provoked righteous perplexed stunned reliable  tired shattered separated sadistic sympathetic
pleasant pitiful raving secure puzzled tense robust unable smothered shy selfish tenacious
pleased plaintive revengeful self-controlled scatterbrained terrified secure unaware stifled small shallow tender
relieved self-pitying riled serene troubled terrorized solid unfit stunned squelched sneaky thoughtful
satisfied somber seething successful uncertain threatened stalwart unsure suffering starved spiteful tolerant
smiley sorrowful sore thankful uncomfortable timid staunch useless tainted  stupid stubborn trusting
thankful sorry spiteful thoughtful undecided timorous stout vulnerable tormented timid threatening trustworthy
thrilled terrible stormy TRUE unsettled tormented super wavering tortured unapproachable touchy understanding
tranquil unhappy troubled trusting unsure uneasy surviving wishy-washy trapped unimportant vehement valiant
uplifted upset uncontrollable valuable upset unpleasant vibrant wobbly tricked unworthy vindictive vital
wonderful woeful unrestrained worthwhile vague worried zealous worn-out vulnerable withdrawn violent worthy  



Copyright 2004 Faith Winters

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The purpose is to provide a useful resource to help people work towards expressing their own feelings with more clarity.


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