Fast Ways to Relieve Stress, by Faith Winters, LPC, ACS

In the midst of your busy day the stress builds; whether at home or at work stress is a part of our daily experience. The effects of stress can create short tempers, lowered productivity, difficulty in thinking clearly and may have many detrimental health effects. Stress levels rise as tensions accumulate. Here are seven easy ways to quickly break that cycle and lower your stress levels.

1. Breathe deeply

Stand up straight and take a few deep breaths and let them out slowly. When we get stressed we often hunch over a little, tighten up and breath is shallow.  Breathing deeply can help you to feel more refreshed and relaxed.

2. Go for a walk

Stand tall and walk briskly as if you have some place to be and little time to get there. This helps to get your body moving and you may feel more alert.

3. Prayer/MeditationWoman, Stressed

Take the time to reach out beyond yourself and connect to something more. Meditate on what is true, lovely and honest.

4. Refocus your mind

Put aside (at least for a while) the thoughts that are adding to your stress. Think about something you like. Look at nature, sky, trees, or the back of your hand. Take a moment to wonder at the way things work, the way they are made.

5. Look at the big picture

It is about getting a more realistic perspective on today’s stressors. A hundred years from now how much will this matter?  Compared to what you value most in life, how important is this?

6. Do something you enjoy

Take the time to do something you enjoy every day. Find little pleasures, simple things that bring a smile to your face.

7. Evaluate the use of your resources

Are you using the appropriate resource for the task at hand? Is there some other resource that could be put to use more effectively? Sometimes the help of a professional may be the most cost effective solution.


If stress is a constant problem in your life working with a therapist can provide you with customized strategies for dealing with stress and coping with the negative influences in your life. You can thrive, even ?

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