Counseling? Not Everyone Needs Professional Help, by Faith Winters, LPC, ACS

Therapy? Counseling? Not everyone needs professional help.

However, talk therapy may be beneficial when you are having struggles that hinder your ability to function effectively at work, your ability to concentrate is diminished, or when your level of emotional pain becomes too troublesome. If you are feeling unfulfilled, depressed, anxious or isolated, you can

work together with a highly trained Licensed Professional Counselor to gain insight and to understand effective ways to achieve lasting relief.
Some indicators that therapy could be beneficial include:

  • When the way you feel is interfering with your sleep, job, relationships, everyday life.
  • When you often spend 5 out of 7 days feeling unhappy or anxious.
  • When you worry all the time and never seem to find the answers.
  • When you can no longer prioritize what is most important.
  • When you feel you can no longer manage your stress.
  • When you are troubled by emotional difficulties facing family members or close friends.
  • When time passes, you’ve tried to fix it yourself, but it is not healing, or getting better.

Counseling helps people to grow and heal.

Sometimes we may not have anyone in our life to help us walk through a difficult time. Some things just feel too vulnerable, too personal to trust others with. Perhaps you feel criticized, misunderstood, or that you are burdening others. Sometimes our struggles are just not something we would feel comfortable sharing that deeply with the other people in our life. Any of these feelings can be an indicator that seeing a professional counselor would be beneficial. A Licensed Professional Counselor can be a trusted, confidential therapist to help you to gain insight, to heal, to be a sounding board, to help you find a sense of direction, to help you find a life that has joy. Counseling is an excellent way to a life of greater contentment and self-acceptance.

If you are wondering if counseling would help you, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss it.   


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