Business Workshops

Faith Winters is available as a speaker for workshops in business settings. Workshops are designed to assist businesses and orginizations in providing professional and personal enrichment.

Workshop Topics for Business Settings

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 Effective Communication Skills

  •  Focus is to help you understand the impact your communication skills have on other people, and how you can improve your communication skills making it easier for you to get along in the workplace.


Mastering Workplace and Personal Relationships

  • The essential skills of respectful, effective and positive interpersonal relationships will be discussed, giving new tools to take away and apply today for better relationships.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Communicating at Work

  • Proven methods of how to not get what you need. The vital don’ts of communication in the workplace. Discover the essential communication skills that successful people use every day.


Time Management for Busy People

  • Get more done with less stress and greater efficiency. Explore how working smarter (not harder) produces sustainable positive results.


Work - Life Balance – it is possible!

  • Discovery how to make positive choices that will bring greater fulfillment in both your work life and in your personal life.


Supervision Excellence

  • Explore vital supervisor behaviors that motivate and build positive working relationships to get things done. How to best provide for continued growth, job satisfaction, and increased performance.


Conflict Communication

  • Discover how to resolve conflicts constructively with less stress while building greater trust, cooperation and collaboration. Increase your skill for treating angry people with both respect and confidence to motivate increased agreement.


The Value of Diverse Viewpoints

  •  Making good use of the diverse viewpoints and to better understand the value of our differences to use these differences as strengths, encouraging enriching and successful work environment.


Using Powerful and Positive Communication

  • Finding realistic and effective techniques to help train and motivate others to work better, be stronger team members, and provide improved customer service. Including the  indispensable skills of cooperation, clear communication, problem-solving, dependability, creativity, and responsibility.


Develop More Cooperative and Trusting Relationships

  •  We will look at ways to work better with others, build stronger relationships, enhance communication, and provide better service.  Skills include: reducing tension, while increasing credibility, confidence, and respect. How you can recognize opportunities for greater cooperation for people work with you, not against you.

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Your Best Path to Success


  • Defining what success is and how you can move each day towards attaining your best level of success in both your work and your personal life.