The Benefits of Counseling, by Faith Winters, LPC, ACS

Counseling can provide you with effective relief from your distress. Studies have shown that talk therapy works as well as pills do for depression, anxiety and other disorders. Actually, it works better, if you take into account the lower relapse rate. The advantage of cognitive therapy (over drug therapy) is that it seems to keep working even after the therapy sessions are over.

Often a majority of those who are treated with medications alone may relapse. But the majority of those treated with talk therapy continue to do well. A cost-benefit analysis shows that while cognitive therapy may be as expensive as drug treatment to start with (since it involves extended one-to-one sessions with a highly trained specialist); it is cheaper in the long run

because there are no prescriptions to refill. Also, the new skills you learn will be with you the rest of your life.

After the issues you are struggling with are resolved with the help of therapy, you may become more efficient and more productive in your work life. You may be able to set better goals and reach for the kind of success that will give you a sense of real fulfillment; once you are not being hindered by the heavy weight of old struggles and problems.

In the process of counseling we will work together to help you find relief and healing. Through the process of our working together you may be able:

  • To replace depression with joy
  • To replace disagreements with respect and harmony
  • To replace anxiety with peace
  • To replace conflict with awareness
  • To replace anger with understanding
  • To replace confusion with insight
  • To replace feelings of insignificance with confidence and assurance
  • To replace the feeling of helplessness with the knowledge that you have options

The benefits of therapy include a more insightful view of yourself and your world. It is the ability to function more fully and with less distress as you face life’s constant challenges. It is learning not only how to deal with today’s stress but also building strength and acquiring tools to face tomorrow’s challenge with greater confidence and assurance.

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