Anxiety Help

Do you ever have a constant, nagging feeling of general nervousness, a feeling of uncomfortableness or alarm that sometimes accompanies judgmental situations? Anxiety is a complex combination of the feelings of fear, apprehension and worry that may be accompanied by the physical sensations of palpitations, chest pain, or shortness of breath. Emotionally, anxiety causes a sense of dread or panic, perhaps nausea and chills. Anxiety and panic attacks may restrict ...

a person’s ability to work effectively, maintain long term relationships or even feel comfortable leaving the house. These disorders fill Anxietypeople's lives with overwhelming anxiety and fear. It's felt that one-quarter of the general population experiences a real anxiety disorder during their lifetime and commonly, anxiety co-exists with other conditions, especially depression.


The Cognitive Therapy that I provide has been proven to provide an effective treatment for anxiety. Life can have peace.   Cognitive Therapy has to do with how we think. How we interpret our experiences in life determines the way we feel and behave. It is designed to help you identify and correct distorted thought patterns that can lead to feelings and behaviors that are troublesome, self-defeating or self-destructive. As we take every thought captive we are able to identify distressing thoughts and learn to replace them with more positive ones. While cognitive therapy focuses on your current problems to alleviate symptoms, your past experiences are an important part of the cognitive therapy process. Even if an unwanted situation has not changed, you can change the way you think and behave in a positive way. You will learn specific skills that you can use for the rest of your life. When you think clearly and more realistically, you feel better.


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