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Alexandra “Alex” Jeanel C. PardicoM.A. Applied Psychological Science in progress                      CLick here for New Client Packet

My approach to therapy is one that is collaborative and holistic in order to foster growth, healing, and curiosity with all my clients. As an intern, I use an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) model. I believe that to become the best version of ourselves and live a meaningful life, we must understand the importance of self-compassion, which is the core of ACT. It is key that we take actions toward becoming the person we want to be come. In addition, our actions are guided by our core values, so we must use our values to our advantage. Furthermore, our actions must be made mindfully so that we are fully aware of our experiences, both good and bad. The purpose of my work is to offer hope to individuals who have lost their ways due to the complications of life. While my therapeutic technique generally revolves around an ACT model, I will ensure that the interventions are carefully chosen in the best interest of each client in order to meet their needs.

Gonzaga University, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (Research Concentration), Minor in General Business As a Graduate Student Intern Counselor, I abide by the Code of Ethics of the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists. I am required to work under the supervision of an approved clinical supervisor and a faculty
supervisor who are bound by the rules of confidentiality as stated herein; which I would be glad to discuss with you. On UGM site, I am supervised by Faith Winters, LPC, ACS, an Oregon Licensed Professional Counselor (#C1832)  As a graduate counseling student, I am periodically required to present clinical samples of my work to faculty and peers in class. Professional protocols will be followed to protect client identity.


Alexa Jenkins, Graduate Intern                                           CLick here for New Client Packet

Alexa sees an inevitable connection in the ways biology, life experience, relationships, and spirituality influence individuals and their choices. Her approach to therapy integrates attachment theory and cognitive methods with a Christian worldview. This combination acknowledges the ways relationships form in early life and teaches clients to address the thoughts and feelings that come as a result of those relationships. Alexa sees counseling as a collaborative process. Rather than attempting to coach or lead the client through therapy, she hopes to walk alongside them as they begin a journey. Along the way, Alexa provides guidance regarding goal-setting and helpful techniques, but the client has final say in their progress. Therapy to Alexa is about equipping clients for the important work of being human.

Alexa Jenkins is a graduate intern, pursuing an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Western Seminary. Her coursework has included therapeutic methods, ethics, and faith integration. Prior to Western Seminary, Alexa obtained a B.A. in English Writing from Mississippi College (2017). She integrates her knowledge of story with her counseling training to hold space for clients as they discover and sometimes rewrite the narrative of their lives. Alexa has worked with youth and families in various nonprofit and university settings. She has a passion for walking alongside individuals through life transitions, and has sought opportunities to further that experience. She currently works with individuals and groups who are participating in recovery  programs, and cares deeply about facilitating growth in vulnerable seasons of life.



Benjamin B Copeland  Counselor Intern (MAC, LPC in progress)                                           CLick here for New Client Packet

I believe healthy relationships help and heal. Aspects of our lives can be hard to bring into focus or heal from for various reasons. Counseling can be a consistent and safe space that allows for individuals and families to process their experiences and thoughts, and to explore, learn, and practice new ways of living. I operate from a client-centered approach and a Christian worldview.

Bachelor’s in Community Psychology, University of Washington, Master’s Degree (in progress) at Western Seminary, Portland Oregon. Coursework in Helping Relationships, Addictions, Psychopathology, Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology, Spiritual Assessment & Formation, Risk & Suicide Prevention, Family, Marriage and Couples Counseling, Group Counseling, and Career Counseling.esu


Cari Welch, MA, NCC, Registered LPC Intern                          CLick here for New Client Packet

Cari believes that everyone has the capacity for growth and healing. She employs an eclectic approach to therapy leaning heavily on cognitive-behavioral and narrative therapeutic techniques. Cari believes that each individual is unique and therefore the approach to each therapeutic relationship will also be unique, tailored to fit the individuals needs and desired outcomes.

FORMAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING  Cari obtained a B.S. in Psychology from Corban University, Salem, Oregon (1995) and a M.A. in Counseling from Western Seminary (2018). Major coursework included human growth and development, ethics, pre-marital & marriage counseling, group therapy, cultural competency, career counseling, and positive psychology. As an Intern registered with the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, Cari abides by its Code of Ethics; the laws of the State of Oregon; and the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics. As an Intern, Cari is supervised by Faith Winters, LPC. Cari has experience working with individual adolescents and adults dealing with a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss, addiction recovery, life adjustment issues and stress, marital issues, infertility, adoption, parenting skills, spiritual concerns, and premarital counseling. Cari firmly believes that everyone has the potential within themselves to find solutions to problems and to journey towards change, healing and growth. While Christian values are inherently a part of her perspective, out of care and respect, Cari will not impose her beliefs or opinions onto clients. She views counseling as a collaborative effort in helping clients to recognize strengths, identify needs, understand conflicts, discover new options, set personal
growth goals, and make informed choices. Cari utilizes Solution-Focused conversation in therapy and strongly believes in utilizing educational resources to facilitate and maintain mental and emotional wellness.



Kaitlin Hoffman, Masters of Counseling in progress                                              CLick here for New Client Packet

I believe that for every individual there is an approach that will work best for them. This will involve a lot of listening, empathy, and reflection. We will decide what your goals are for therapy and together, we will work toward them. You can do this, and I will help you.

I am in the process of completing a Masters of Counseling at Multnomah University. My graduate counseling coursework has included Basic Counseling Skills, Professional Orientation, Spiritual Integration, Ethics, Treatment-Planning, Counseling Theories, Diagnosis and Psychopathology, Crisis Prevention and Intervention, Social and Cultural Diversity, Advanced Human Growth and Development, Group Dynamics and Counseling, and Couples,
Families and Other Systems.



Megan Anderson







Rachel Kendall   M.S. Counseling (in progress)                                              CLick here for New Client Packet

My philosophy and approach to counseling begins with the belief that each individual has the best version of him or self already within. Using a strengths-based perspective, clients are given the opportunity to explore their frame of reference and how their experiences have refined them. I promote the self-efficacy of each client and their families to promote the well being of themselves, their relationships, and the world around them.

Master’s in counseling in progress from Walden University. In addition, I hold \a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with an emphasis in Christian Ministries from George Fox University.



Evelyn Drambarean, Registered LPC Intern        UGM Men’s Site Coordinator , Counselor                  Limited Availability for new Clients, CLick here for New Client Packet

Evelyn Drambarean

My philosophy and approach to counseling begins with the belief that each individual has the capacity to change and heal. Though the journey can be difficult, change is possible and so is freedom from past struggles. Using an acceptance and commitment therapy approach, which focuses on building acceptance for one’s experiences and learning to commit to goals and behaviors based on personal values, I believe I can help be a guide to walk you through this journey of restoration and growth.

I hold a Masters in Applied Psychological Science from Pacific University. In addition, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Multnomah University.




Reiko Cordeiro, LPC   LCCC Administative Assistant, Women’s Site Coordinator, Counselor   Limited Availabilty for new Clients, CLick here for New Client Packet

Reiko Cordeiro

I approach counseling as a collaboration and partnership with clients while providing a safe and healthy space for growth, healing, curiosity and exploration. The purpose of my work is to offer hope
to individuals, families, groups, and partners in their challenging and sometimes complicated lives and to provide them with tools for change and deeper understanding. While my therapeutic techniques and interventions may vary to meet the needs of my clients, I generally operate within the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems, and Solution-Focused counseling theories.

I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. Major course work included: Couples and Family Counseling, Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Counseling, Human and Family Development, Sexual Health and Development, Group Counseling, Cross Cultural Counseling, and Aging.



Faith Winters, LPC  LifeChange Counseling Center -  Clinical Supervisor                           No availability  for new Clients, CLick here for New Client Packet

I approach counseling as a joint endeavor in which the clients and I work together to help them understand and respond positively to the needs they express. The purpose of my work is to help individuals, couples, and families and groups function and participate more fully in life. This involves clients becoming empowered to take responsibility for their thoughts and behaviors and assisting them in making the changes that they want to make in their lives. I generally function within the Cognitive and Family Systems frameworks in my counseling. As a Christian I am aware of the influence our values and beliefs have on our individual and family functioning. I strive to assist clients in understanding, clarifying and applying their values to their own life needs.

I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling from George Fox University. Major course work included: Counseling Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Groups and Treatment of Sexual Abuse Survivors. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Management and Organizational Leadership.