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Dear Counselor,

Do you want more clients?  I am retiring from full time counseling private practice in Beaverton/Portland after 16 years.  One of the ways I had an abundance of clients was to have targeted domain names (aliases) on my main website.  Since I don't want a lot of clients anymore I am now removing these targeted domain names and offering them for sale.


Domain/website aliasing is owning multiple domain names and having them all point to a single website. A domain alias is like having multiple front doors to one location. It can drive more prospective client traffic to your website.


Here are all the for sale domain names and prices. All of these domains are the very desirable two-word, dot com names that are hard to find.

Discounts: 5% discount if you buy more than one, 25% discount if you buy all of them.


First registered September 2007
This domain is targeted to those searching for counseling in Beaverton.


First registered September 2007
This domain is targeted to searches for a counselor in Portland.


First registered September 2007
More and more people are using distance counseling services. This domain focusses on a niche for a counselor who has a Christian distance counseling specialty.


First registered December 2011
The Counselor Training Head Quarters domain name was used as part of a supervision practice, focused towards those who want to learn more counseling and about what it takes to build their own private practice.


First registered September 2007
Google searches including the word anxiety have constantly increased every year. In the past few years anxiety searches have double and tripled.  As a counselor I have seen an increase in the number of people seeking counseling for their anxiety. This domain could be very helpful for any counseling or anxiety related website.


All domains are available immediately. You can pay by cash, check, credit card or online through PayPal. You can put 10% down to hold your purchase and then we can talk about how to complete the transaction promptly.

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Contact info: Faith Winters 503 267-3149 voice or text.