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Contact Faith Winters     503 267-3149   Call to set up an appointment.

 My counseling office is conveniently located in the LifeChange Center building at the corner of 103rd Ave and Walker Road, Beaverton Oregon, 97005 - See map below.

My office is on the third floor, Suite 359. Easy access from back of building up the ramp, first door on the right. Parking is easiest on the third driveway east of 103rd ave, at the bottom of the ramp. It is a back door that is always locked, contact me when you are there and I will come let you in.

I am available in the office by appointment only. Counseling office phone: 503 267-3149  If I am in a meeting when you call, you will reach my confidential voicemail. Please leave me a message. I respond to messages as soon as I can. You may text me to schedule and appointment. *Please note: Texting is not considered a confidential form of communication.  Do NOT share confidential or sensitive information through these methods.

 Ramp EntranceOffice Map


Faith Winters is not available for 24-hour emergency crisis intervention. If you are having an emergency, if there is immediate danger of harm to yourself or others, call 911 or your local emergency hotline (in Washington County, in the State of Oregon, Crisis Line 503.291.9111) or a crisis line at (800) 273-TALK, (800) SUICIDE, (360) 696-9560, (503) 988-4888. Or go to your local emergency room. Don’t wait for my return contact. Get local help right away. I want you to be safe.


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