Counseling for those who have experienced anxiety and trauma

 Faith Winters CounselorChoosing to get professional help through counseling is an important decision. I realize that it may not be an easy decision. No matter what difficulties you are having, or what caused the issues, I have a lot of respect for anyone who chooses to seek help through counseling to make life better. Through anxiety counseling you can find relief from your distress, develop new ways to think about your life. I can help you to learn the key skills that will allow you to cultivate peace, calmness, confidence and strength. Let me walk with you as you add a depth of richness and hope to your life. I offer a calm and gentle acceptance of you, no matter what is troubling you. We can work together for you to find relief and healing, be more insightful of yourself and your world. You can learn to face the future and its constant challenges with confidence.

 The special focus of my practice is working with people affected by anxiety or trauma.

How can I help you?  


Do you feel nervous that something bad may happen; that things are not going well?

In therapy for anxiety counseling you can find new ways to think about your life, ways that will allow you to cultivate peace and calmness, and make it easier for you to develop feelings of confidence and strength.


Does it seem like you just aren’t interested in fun things anymore and anxiety affects many parts of your life and decisions?
In therapy you can find a new perspective about the things that trouble you, ways to find relief from your distress, ways to let you find joy in life again.


Do you have a hard time forgetting about a trauma that happened a while ago?
Through anxiety counseling you can move forward work towards putting the past to rest and integrating it into your life in ways that add a depth of richness and hope.


Are you having conflict and stress in your relationships with family, friends, co-workers, spouse, children, or parents?  Does it feel like you are walking on eggshells?

In counseling you can develop the key skills for having closer relationships with less stress, while maintaining healthy boundaries.


 Since 2001 I have been providing counseling services in Washington County, Oregon.


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